Saturday, May 12, 2007

General Post Office

This image was taken during the week using my F80 and a 24 exposure roll of Ilford Delta 100. When I can get the shorter rolls (24), I much prefer them over the longer 36 exposure version. I find the longer rolls generally inconvenient; too long to use on a single project, too short for a good cross section of shots over multiple themes. In any case I'm usually eager to develop a film after one session and whilst I don't really have a problem wasting unexposed frames, it starts to become costly after a while. Also, if ever a film jams whilst loading it onto a developing reel, it's the (36 exposure) long ones!

Experimenting with a different drying technique at the moment. After the final rinse and dunking in a wetting agent, I leave the film on the spiral, holding it so the film plane is vertical (to expedite run-off) whilst using a hair dryer to blow warm air through it. Remaining in the spiral as it does, the tightly coiled format means that the entire film surface is gently dried at once. Just have to give the reel a few gentle taps at the outset to dislodge any drops in the film track. So far I am very pleased with the result, no watermarks, dust or greasy fingerprints on the emulsion whatsoever.

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